Financial Modeling Institute Partners with Chartered Business Valuators Institute to Provide FMI Foundations Program to CBV Registered Students

Recognizing the importance of financial modeling skills, CBV Institute will provide the FMI Foundations program to all students.

Toronto, Ontario – June 28, 2023 - Financial Modeling Institute (FMI), the only Financial Modeling accreditation body in the world, currently serving candidates in over 50 countries, announced today it has partnered with Chartered Business Valuators Institute (CBV Institute) to provide all Registered Students in CBV’s Program of Studies access to FMI Foundations, an introductory program covering key concepts and best practices in financial modeling. Starting in 2025, all CBV Registered Students will be required to successfully complete the FMI Foundations program in order to write the Membership Qualification Exam (MQE) and attain the CBV designation.

“Implementing the FMI Foundations program enables us to better serve CBVs who are eager to upgrade their skills and further enhance their expertise,” said Dr. Christine Sawchuk, President and CEO, CBV Institute. “In lockstep with our committed network of CBV Members and Registered Students across Canada and worldwide, we strive to achieve the highest standards of business valuation practice and are pleased to now offer FMI’s program as the need for financial modeling skills has never been greater.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with CBV Institute to provide our 15-hour FMI Foundations program to CBVs and all Registered Students,” said Ian Schnoor, Executive Director of FMI. “CBV Institute recognizes that financial models are the most important decision-making tools in finance, and FMI Foundations is an excellent complement to the CBV curriculum. Candidates also can use the program as a stepping stone to attain the Advanced Financial Modeler accreditation as FMI offers world-class accreditations in financial modeling.”

With the addition of FMI Foundations to its curriculum, CBV Institute is demonstrating its leadership in offering a highly valued accreditation. FMI is proud to partner with CBV Institute and other leading associations and institutions globally. 

About CBV Institute
Since 1971, CBV Institute has led the Chartered Business Valuator (“CBV”) profession – Canada’s only designation dedicated to business valuation. CBV Institute upholds the highest standards of business valuation practice through education, accreditation, and governance of the CBV designation, for the benefit of the public interest. CBV Institute is a leader in the international valuation community and is committed to advancing professional excellence for business valuation globally. CBV professionals are internationally recognized as having the judgment and analytical training necessary for a wide range of valuation-based needs.

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About Financial Modeling Institute (FMI)
FMI’s mission is to promote awareness, excellence, and discipline in financial modeling globally through its world-class accreditation programs. Through research and testing, FMI has developed exams that set the bar high with regards to modeling skills and validation. FMI provides exam resources to support candidates, and offers proctored, rigorous financial modeling exams.

FMI offers the Level 1 Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) accreditation, the Level 2 Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM) accreditation, and the Level 3 Master Financial Modeler (MFM) accreditation. FMI also offers an introductory program to financial modeling called FMI Foundations.

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