Advanced Financial Modeler

Differentiate yourself with the modeling community’s most highly sought after model building accreditation.

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Why the AFM?
Financial modeling plays an integral part in business decision making, with modelers informing key transactions and critical business decisions. This exam is the only accreditation that validates mastery of this skill.
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Credible Skill Assessment
You will resolve a selection of curated problems in Excel - no multiple choice options.
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Rigorous Process
Your exam will be proctored, time-bound and graded by experts - success is earned.
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Objective & Independent
You will receive a roadmap & practice questions - optional training is available from ATPs.

Demonstrate the advanced financial modeling skills most valued by employers.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Is it for me?

From forward-thinking students to seasoned professionals, passing the AFM validates skills and drives careers.

Professionals —

  • You want advanced financial modeling knowledge and technical skills that will enable you to build and oversee models.
  • You seek opportunities to accelerate or transition your career.
  • You value being part of an elite and collaborative global community of modelers.

Students —

  • You want to complement your academic education with tangible, practical skills.
  • You want to demonstrate your advanced financial modeling abilities to future employers.
  • You want to separate yourself from your competition.
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What does the AFM exam involve?
This accreditation is unlike any finance qualification out there. You’ll be provided with a case study to explore before getting to work inside Excel, building an integrated 3-statement model of a company from scratch. You will need to complete this model during a 4-hour virtual exam. Successful candidates elegantly structure, efficiently build, and clearly communicate.
To validate practical skills, you’ve got to demonstrate them. The AFM sets you apart by assessing a candidate’s hands-on ability.
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    Income statements
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    Cashflow statements
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    Balance sheets
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    Supporting schedules
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*This exam forms the basis for subsequent optional accreditation levels CFM and MFM.

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The AFM accreditation is the global standard in financial modeling. Ready to validate your skills?

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