Chartered Financial Modeler

Build on your AFM by demonstrating higher-order problem-solving skills in modeling.

Why the CFM?
For AFM accreditation holders who want to validate their more sophisticated modeling abilities. They showcase their problem solving and creativity in the face of complex problems. This exam is the only accreditation founded on real-world financial modeling challenges.
Credible Skill Assessment
You will resolve a selection of curated problems in Excel - no multiple choice options.
Rigorous Process
Your exam will be proctored, time-bound and graded by experts - success is earned.
Objective & Independent
You will receive a roadmap & practice questions. Optional training is available from training providers.

Demonstrate the exceptional modeling skills required in intensive modeling roles.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Is it for me?

Passing the CFM validates a higher level of skill in financial modeling.

  • You regularly face advanced financial modeling challenges.
  • You engage with and interpret models developed by others, with an aim to enhance them effectively.
  • You value your AFM accreditation and seek to build upon it.
  • You seek opportunities to accelerate or transition your career.
  • You value being part of an elite and collaborative global community of modelers.
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What does the CFM exam involve?
In this 4-hour Excel-based exam, you’ll be given discrete financial modeling problems to resolve. You’ll be required to find its source, before developing a solution and then executing in Excel.
Historical exam problems include:
  • Assist a growing fashion boutique with their international expansion sales projections.
  • Audit a junior banker’s model to help their client reapply for refinancing.
  • Help an Investment Fund choose their best financing option for a major asset purchase.
  • Support a manufacturer’s strategic planning by forecasting future operating profits.
To be known for expert skills, you’ve got to demonstrate them. A strong understanding of Excel and applied financial modeling ability is required.
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The CFM exam is offered yearly.
The upcoming date is: October 21, 2023
Registration closes two weeks before each exam.

The CFM exam will offer a selection of problems from areas including:

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    Operating Costs
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    Debt and Equity
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    Working Capital
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    Sensitivity Analysis
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*The CFM accreditation is recommended for those candidates who wish to apply to become a Master Financial Modeler (MFM).

How to study

Once you register, you will be given a learning roadmap, preparation videos, and practice exams.

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Self study

If you’re confident in the practical application of financial modeling skills, learn more about what the AFM exam involves below.

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The highly-regarded CFM accreditation sets you apart as a specialist in the modeling field, granting you access to a globally recognized network of professionals.

Virtual exam registrations now open.
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