Become globally recognized for Advanced Excel, Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling. Earning the Level 2 CFM demonstrates a deep and thorough understanding of real-world applications of financial modeling.  This program commences in October 2018.

Level 2 (CFM) is for Professionals Who:

  • Typically work at a Senior Analyst or Associate level
  • Works closely with team leaders to provide financial modeling insights
  • Gathers data and financials and conducts experiments
  • Ensures projects progress according to financial modeling best practice
  • Understand and interpret essential financial modeling tools

Level 2 Exam — Foundational Skills

  • Deep knowledge of various Corporate Finance topics including capital structure, project economics, valuation tools and approaches
  • Advanced capital structure concepts such as: sweeps, repayments, buy-backs and debt sculpting
  • Advanced accounting knowledge on topics such as: tax, pensions, stock based comp, intangibles, investments, subsidiary interests, debt retirement, share buybacks, amortization of fees, OID, inventory modeling, M&A, LBO, valuation and project economics concepts
  • Advanced model timing and switching functionality
  • Model error checking / discovery skills
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Model protection / validation
  • Data analysis problem solving requiring speed and Advanced Excel

Financial Modeling 5-Competencies Chart

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Add The Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM) designation to Your CV and Resume.

This program commences in October 2018.