financial modeling best practices webinar with ian schnoor, executive director of the FMI

Best Practices with Ian Schnoor

In this webinar Ian Schnoor, Executive Director of the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) will be taking a deep dive into what it takes to build a strong financial model. You will learn about common mistakes that are made when modeling and also get some tips on improving your skills.

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June 27, 2023 | Standing Out as a Financial Modeler with Hilary Smart and Michael Jarman from Operis

In this session Hilary Smart and Michael Jarman will discuss financial modeling recruitment, what it means to be a good financial modeler, and why the world needs them. 

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checking and reviewing a financial model webinar with ian schnoor, executive director of the FMI

May 30, 2023 | Checking and Reviewing a Financial Model with Ian Schnoor

In this session, Ian Schnoor will show you how to check and review a financial model to ensure that it is accurate. He will demonstrate some powerful tips to check and audit a financial model.

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what level of detail is enough for financial modeling, webinar with brian egger, global head of financial modeling at bloomberg

June 9, 2023 | What Level of Detail is Enough in a Financial Model? With Brian Egger

During this session, Brian Egger (Global Head of Financial Modeling at Bloomberg Intelligence) will be talking about "details" and what level of detail is enough in financial models. 

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What Financial Modeling Contributes to the Blockchain Revolution? With Roderick McKinley

This session will explore the broader modeling context in blockchain and explain where financial modeling expertise/practice is best placed to the blockchain revolution. Roderick will also define and discuss token fundraise modeling.


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Take Your Chart from Basic to Presentation-Ready with Alli Torban

During this expert webinar Alli Torban shows us how to re-design a basic chart to make it more effective, visually-appealing and properly styled for PowerPoint presentations. Alli Torban is an Information Design Consultant, based in Washington D.C., who specializes in visual communication so you can convey your big ideas and quickly jump to important conversations.


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Circularity and Circuit Breakers

Circularity and Circuit Breakers with Ian Schnoor

Have you ever received this dreaded message in Excel - "You have a circular reference in your file"? In this webinar, FMI's Executive Director, Ian Schnoor reviews: What exactly is a circular reference and why some people include them in models; How to properly manage circularity; The pros and cons of circular references in models; How to fix a crashed model; How to build a circuit breaker to turn your circularity on and off with a switch.


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How to Shape and Manage Your Personal Brand? With Melanie Coeshott

Proactively manage what people think and say abut you. By the end of this webinar, you will: Understand personal brands they are so important; Understand what you want to be able to be known for; Be able to shape your brand accordingly; Know how to use your brand for continued success. 


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Introduction to Python with George Mount 

If you’re a financial professional looking to grow your data analysis skills, Python offers a great learning opportunity. In this introductory session, you will become familiar with basic programming along with possibilities for integrating Python into their everyday tasks, particularly Excel. After attending this session, you'll be in great shape to conduct rigorous and reproducible analyses, create visualizations unavailable in Excel, and collaborate more effectively with technical professionals.


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Introduction to Power Query with Mark Proctor

Power Query is a data transformation tool that allows us to extract and optimize data before it gets to the workbook. In a 2020 survey, average Power Query users reported time savings of 76 working days per year. Yet, most Excel users are still unaware of this tool. Therefore, this session is intended to get you started with Power Query so you can start streamlining your workflow too.


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introduction to power BI with Gašper Kamenšek

Introduction to Power BI with Gasper Kamensek

This session will show you how to create functional reports in Power BI, starting with a dataset in Excel. During the building process, we will emphasize key steps of model and report building and explain how we handle them in a way that will produce optimal results. 


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leveraging financial models for effective negotiations, webinar hosted by matthew bernath

Leveraging Financial Models for Effective Negotiations With Matthew Bernath

During this talk, Matthew will explore the power of financial models and how they can be used to make data-driven decisions, communicate positions effectively, and uncover hidden value. The webinar will cover the key elements of financial models and provide practical tips on how to create persuasive arguments.


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Mastering Business Communication with Neil Grammer

A dynamic discussion on mastering the nuances of business communication to build credibility, persuade and differentiate yourself. In this webinar, Neil Grammer, President of Dialogue Strategies, talks about developing and delivering clear, succinct, actionable messages with confidence and composure.


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