Master Financial Modeler

Recognizing financial modelers from around the world who exhibit the highest level of skill, acumen, experience and contribution.

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Why the MFM?

Recipients of the MFM accreditation will have achieved the pinnacle of financial modeling skill, acumen, leadership and contribution to the field.

If selected as an MFM, you will become a global ambassador in the community, promoting excellence in financial modeling in the following ways:

  • Adjudicating future MFM candidates
  • Sharing thought leadership content with the FMI community
  • Speaking at relevant events
  • Promoting the FMI
  • Contributing to the field of financial modeling

Those who attain the MFM designation will be recognized as a true master of financial modeling. From there, they will continue to advocate and contribute to the discipline. They will also mentor and support others as they rise to their esteemed level.

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Extensive Financial Modeling Experience
10-15 years of meaningful work experience in the field of financial modeling.
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Mastery of Technical Modeling Skills
It is a preferred and highly recommended that applicants have attained their Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM) designation prior to applying to become an MFM.
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Demonstrated Contributions to the Field
Exemplify leadership and contributions to the field of financial modeling. This can include:
  • Idea generation
  • Content creation
  • Speaking engagements
  • Work on various projects
  • Teaching / Coaching
  • Or some combinations of the above
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The MFM accreditation is unlike anything in the world today. It represents the most prestigious level of recognition globally for financial modelers.

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How to Apply?

To achieve the MFM accreditation, please complete the application form. Applications are reviewed by a peer group of 3-5 respected financial modelers from around the world who form the Adjudication Committee.