Promoting awareness, excellence and discipline in Financial Modeling through world-class accreditation programs.

Financial modeling at a higher level.

We believe financial modeling is integral to decision making. From banking and private equity, to accounting, asset management, insurance, business development, venture capital and beyond - financial modelers inform key transactions and influence critical business decisions.

We observed a gap in the industry. How does one assess the skills of a financial modeler? How do we differentiate between those who can build a great model from those that have simply seen it done before? We needed to separate good from great.

We founded the FMI to assess acumen in financial modeling. It was created by former bankers known for the caliber of their modeling. Through research and testing, we developed exams that enable us to test an individual’s ability to structure, build and draw insight from a model. We set the bar high.

We are rooted in the values of independence and experience. We choose to focus on assessment, entrusting training to independent and proven partners. The exams are representative of complex situations drawn from the real-world. We prioritize practical.

We invest in a global community to further the discipline of financial modeling. We are advocates of financial modeling and drive thought leadership within the community. We create opportunities for those without the means for themselves.

Our Story
Financial Modeling Institute was founded.
Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) Level 1 accreditation launched.
The FMI exams took place in 19 cities worldwide.
Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM) Level 2 accreditation launched.
The FMI was running in-person testing centres in 23 countries
First Virtual Exam takes place. Virtual format FMI participants write from close to 50 countries.
FMI Foundations launched.
Master Financial Modeler (MFM) Level 3 accreditation launched.