excel shortcuts for financial modeling

Financial Modeling Excel Shortcuts

This master sheet of excel shortcuts will take your financial modeling skills to a whole new level. Enter your information today to receive a printable fil of excel shortcuts that are compatible with both MAC and PC.

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advanced financial modeler mini exam

Advanced Financial Modeler Mini-Exams

The Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) Mini-Exam provides you with an opportunity to test your financial modeling skills. The Mini-Exam will help you determine whether you are ready to sit the AFM exam and become an Advanced Financial Modeler. The Mini-Exam takes approximately one hour to complete.

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Financial Modeling Skills Checklist

In order to become a successful financial modeler, you'll need to demonstrate proficiency in a variety of Excel, accounting, and financial modeling topics. Use our handy checklist to assess your current knowledge and get started on the path to success.

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Guide to Financial Modeling Best Practices

This is the ultimate guide for Financial Modeling Best Practices. Download it and use it as a tool when building your financial model. The guide covers: Key Attributes, Question to Ask, 5 Sections, Model Planning, Structuring Tips, and much more.

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