FMI Partners

Bringing financial modeling programs and accreditations to leading companies, associations and universities worldwide

Academic Institutions

FMI Foundations in Financial Modeling is FMI’s introductory program. It is the starting point to acquire financial modeling knowledge, making it ideal for students.

Financial Modeling Institute partners with universities to bring its financial modeling programs to students.

Financial modeling knowledge is relevant for students preparing to enter the workforce because financial models are used in many finance and accounting roles.

FMI Foundations was designed to introduce key concepts and best practices in financial modeling. The program consists of 12-hours of video tutorials and culminates in an on-demand multiple choice exam.

Courses where FMI Foundations is applicable include Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Financial Engineering, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Real Estate Investing.

FMI Foundations is used by professors in their curricula and by campus clubs looking to advance students’ financial modeling knowledge.

The Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) accreditation program is also relevant for students in MBA programs or advanced finance courses.

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