Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

FMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The FMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is fundamental to FMI’s mission of advancing the financial modeling profession by delivering and administering the Financial Modeler Certifications and supporting high quality education and training for financial professionals. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct guides the personal and professional conduct of all FMI candidates, accreditation holders, and ambassadors.

Failure to comply with this Code can result in an investigation into a Candidate and/or Certification Holder’s conduct which may lead to disciplinary measures. This includes revocation of candidacy in the FMI Program and the revocation of the right to use the Foundations badge, and/or AFM, CFM and MFM designations.

Candidates, FMI Accreditation Holders, and Ambassadors of the FMI must:

  1. Perform their professional duties with independence, objectivity, integrity and due diligence.
  2. Not knowingly make any misrepresentations relating to their analysis, recommendations or actions.
  3. Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained in their professional duties unless:
    • The information concerns illegal activities;
    • The client or prospective client permits disclosure; or
    • Disclosure is required by law.
  4. Make full and fair disclosure of all matters that could reasonably impair their independence and objectivity.
  5. Maintain their competency and professional knowledge in the field of financial modeling.
  6. Not engage in acts which will discredit the profession of financial modeling or the FMI.