The most respected accreditations in Financial Modeling.

Distinguish your skills. Elevate your career.
Join the premier global network of financial modelers.


Hands-on acumen, beyond the theoretical.

Developed by and for the world’s leading financial modelers.

Level 1

Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM)

Demonstrate your superior modeling skills by building an integrated 3-statement model from scratch, within a fixed time allotment.

Discover AFM

Level 2

Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM)

Solve sophisticated problems in Excel to further showcase your financial modeling acumen, also within a fixed time allotment.

Discover CFM

Level 3

Master Financial Modeler (MFM)

Expand the global financial modeling knowledge base through your unique contributions to research and insights.

Discover MFM

Benefiting candidates, jobseekers and employers the world over.


Stronger career foundations are built at the FMI.

Invest in yourself

Drive career momentum with a distinguished accreditation and validate your skills in modeling.

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Invest in your talent

Take your business to new heights by ensuring your team’s competence in financial modeling.

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Training Providers:
Invest in tomorrow’s talent

Become an approved training partner and shape the future of financial modeling.

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What Makes the FMI’s Accreditations Unique?

Rigorous and respected exams.

  • Build (AFM) and problem-solve (CFM) directly in Excel.
  • Replicate real-world time and resource constraints.
  • Exceed the high bar set, monitored and graded by experts.

Clear and well-supported preparation runway.

  • Clear learning roadmap, videos & practice exams.
  • Opt for training from impartial & independent partners.
  • Benefit from partnerships with the CFA, Wiley & others.

Supportive and forward-leaning community.

  • Skill validation by a council of global modeling leaders.
  • Connect digitally with both candidates and alumni.
  • Realize connectivity to employers, schools & societies.

I hear, I know.

I see, I remember.

I do, I understand.

— Ancient Proverb

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