Helping employers of choice & ambitious search firms accurately assess the proficiency of current & future modeling experts.
Why partner with the FMI?
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    You seek an independent and comparable assessment of financial modeling acumen - most relevant in hiring and talent planning.
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    You value candidates and employees being assessed in privately-held sessions and/or on bespoke dates (often offered to in-house teams or for hiring large cohorts).
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    You are looking to decrease and/or outsource the complexity and cost of your training. You would like to offer the FMI accreditations as a package with your preferred training provider.
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    You want to provide the FMI’s thought-leadership as a value-add to your staff, inspiring the development of financial modeling acumen.
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Where do you start?
1. Reach out the FMI using the form below or by emailing to set up a call with our team to best understand your needs.
2. We will develop a program specific to your circumstances. The plan will detail all relevant accreditations (AFM, CFM), an approach to working with the FMI, and tailored pricing.
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What are type use cases?
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    Facilitated access to AFM & CFM
    A consulting firm would like to ensure all first and second year Analysts are sufficiently skilled in modeling. They have this group write the AFM and CFM, then promote the fact to their clients
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    AFM & CFM as screening tool
    A private equity firm requires new hires to have a demonstrated level of financial modeling ability and includes the AFM as a must-have on the job posting. They communicate this to their partnered recruiting firms. The FP&A team at an oil & gas firm has critical forecasting models that are used by several team members. Anyone who will work on the models is required to first pass the AFM.
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    Private Exams
    A global bank wants to enroll their team members in the AFM on a specific date during a quiet time of year. They supplement with training from an FMI Training Provider.

    Do you have a request that you don’t see above? Please contact us.

Which Employers & Recruiters work with the FMI today?
  • Companies that partner with the FMI prioritize being at the forefront of financial modeling thought leadership. They invest in resources to train and develop their talent, and value a well-understood and enduring benchmark of ability.
  • The FMI partners with firms globally which span banking, consulting, asset management and private equity. We also work with independent recruiting firms.

A word from our existing partners