FMI offers scholarships based on financial need, exclusively for first-time Advanced Financial Modeler candidates.

Key Information

Applications can be made for any open AFM exam up to three months before the exam date.

Successful scholarship awardees are entitled up to a 50% discount on the standard exam fee. The scholarship award cannot be coupled with any additional discount.

The deadline for the July 2024 exam scholarships is May 12, 2024. Future scholarship deadlines will be published later on in the year. Be sure to send your sponsorship application to us before you register for the AFM exam.
Are scholarships available?
Yes. Scholarships are offered based on financial need, exclusively for first-time AFM candidates.
What do the scholarships cover?
Scholarships cover up to 50% of the cost of the AFM exam.
When do I apply?

Scholarships are available for each sitting of the AFM exam. Applications must be submitted 3 months prior to the exam date.

Applications are open for the following AFM exam dates:
July 27, 2024
October 26, 2024

You can apply for a scholarship for any of the AFM exam dates currently posted.

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Who reviews the applications?
Each application is reviewed by representatives of the FMI team and FMI’s Advisory Council.
To promote practical skills, you’ve got to demonstrate them. Determining a recipient for the AFM Scholarship Award is a difficult decision and is based on many factors including the resources available at the time to provide a scholarship to each worthy applicant.
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Can my organization help by contributing to the scholarships pool or by sponsoring scholarships?

Yes, absolutely.
We would love to hear from you!