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Demonstrate your financial modeling skills with the Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) accreditation.

Welcome CFA Society United Kingdom members.

With the addition of Practical Skills Modules to its program, CFA Institute has recognized the importance of financial modeling knowledge. This is because financial modeling plays an integral role in decision making with modelers informing key transactions and critical business decisions.

CFA Society United Kingdom has partnered with Financial Modeling Institute to offer the Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) accreditation.

In partnership with CFA Institute, Financial Modeling Institute developed the Practical Skills Module on Financial Modeling.

Now you have the opportunity to strengthen and validate your financial modeling knowledge and skills. When you develop your financial modeling abilities, you will be able to add more value to your team, your clients and your stakeholders.

The AFM program is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to make accurate and informed financial decisions.

Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM)

$US 555 (Regular price $US 695)

Validate your advanced financial modeling knowledge and technical skills with the AFM accreditation.

The Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) accreditation is FMI's flagship program.

As an AFM candidate, you will use FMI's learning resources to prepare for a rigorous, proctored, online 4-hour exam in which you will be provided with a case study and required to build a 3-statement model of a company from scratch.

Exams are offered online, four times a year: May 11, 2024 | July 27, 2024 | October 26, 2024 | February 22, 2025

Once you attain the AFM accreditation, you will be able to...

 Validate your ability to build a 3-statement model of a company from scratch

Create a model that can be used as a critical decision-making tool, allowing users to make accurate and informed financial decisions


 Use a financial model as a powerful communication tool to clearly and effectively tell the story of a company

  Demonstrate the technical modeling skills most valued by clients, employers, and all other stakeholders

How does the AFM Accreditation compare with the CFA Financial Modeling PSM?

AFM Candidates are provided with:

  1. Access to the online FMI Community that includes thousands of financial modelers from all over the world
  2. The AFM learning materials, which includes 15 hours of self-paced videos, practice exams, and other supplemental learning resources
  3. The opportunity to practice financial modeling and then sit the proctored AFM exam

The CFA Financial Modeling PSM includes the same learning videos that are used by AFM candidates. The difference is that CFA candidates are only required to watch the videos. There is no modeling exam as part of the CFA Program.

Financial modeling is a skill, and to truly master the skill, strong modelers need to practice repeatedly until they are confident and proficient. AFM candidates put in many hours of practice so that they can prepare themselves for the AFM exam. The AFM accreditation is the culmination of the process and the recognition that a candidate has elevated their modeling skills to the point where  they can build excellent models and lead modeling projects. 

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