How to post your Digital Badge to LinkedIn (or any other Social Media Network

As you may already know, when you successfully complete your program, you will be awarded with a digital badge.

This digital badge can be shared on social media (e.g. LinkedIn) to affirm your accomplishment to your peers, (prospective) employers, clients and the broader community - and to differentiate yourself.

The article below is a quick guide on how to share your digital badge on LinkedIn.

Step 1: After you successfully complete the Foundations exam you will receive an email from Accredible that looks like this within two business days of completion.

FMI Badge To LinkedIn

Step 2: Click the button “View my Badge” and you will be directed to our accreditation hosting platform, Accredible.

View My FMI Badge

Step 3: Click the button “Add to My LinkedIn Profile”, on the right hand side of the page, to share the badge on your LinkedIn profile. Following that, you will be presented with this pop-up, where you will click “Add to my profile”.

Add to my LinkedIn profile

Step 4: You will then be asked to log into your LinkedIn profile and subsequently be prompted to share your badge. Please ensure that the box “This credential does not expire” is selected, add your credential ID and then click “Save”.

Add LinkedIn Certification

Step 5: Finally, you can share this to any other social media network you desire by clicking the three dots in the same section on Accredible.

Share Your LinkedIn Credential

Congratulations, you have now shared your FMI digital badge with your network. This will help you to be recognized for your knowledge and skills in financial modeling and will surely help you in your career.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at