University Partners Support the Financial Modeling education of students

Students with Financial Modeling skills are job-ready
Students are future leaders of the Financial Modeling industry. The Financial Modeling Institute’s (FMI) global University Partnership program is an exciting way for university students, staff and faculty to gain access to industry best practice on-campus and prepare students with job-ready future skills. This partnership program helps universities inject financial modeling into their university courses, including private exam sittings for undergraduate and postgraduate students, content/curricula development and selection as FMI Brand Ambassador.

Private Exams Sittings

Universities can request private exam sitting for students in Accounting, Finance, Investment, Banking, Commerce, Actuarial, MBA and Masters courses. We customize the exam sitting to accommodate your students and faculty timetable. Minimum of 20 candidates required. We recommend students undertake 30-50 hours preparation prior to sitting the Level 1 exams, focused on Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling and Microsoft Excel. Please note we require 60 days notice to deliver a private exam sitting on-campus.

Content & Curricula Development (Practical Classroom Learning)

The FMI can help deliver technical content and classroom courses for University curricula. We co-ordinate classroom training with our approved training partners (ATP) network and help students gain a competitive edge with hands-on, applied and job-ready technical learning from world-class practitioners. From guest lectures, coursework development, online learning modules and customised industry content, FMI helps universities develop and deliver financial modeling content to students.

Brand Ambassador for the FMI

University students can nominate as a key contact point and brand ambassador on-campus for the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI). Universities with a brand ambassador receive discounted tickets to public FMI exams (late-April and late-October each year in cities worldwide) and actively help promote FMI on campus in newsletters / online forums / social media / blogs to Finance, Commerce and Accounting students. It’s a great way to build your CV and show employers you have a passion for finance and can demonstrate a leadership mentality.

Feel free to email for additional information for your University. We’re happy to organize Information Evenings on how the FMI and financial modeling can help your university.

Questions About Partnerships?

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