Registration is now open for the 2021 exams. Ready to prove your ability as a financial modeler? Please read below for important information.

Exam Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for the October 24, 2020 exam for both Level 1 AFM and Level 2 CFM in virtual formats.  Please read below for some important information.

For candidates who were previously registered for the May 2, 2020 exams, there is nothing that you need to do. Your registration has been automatically moved to the October 24, 2020 exam.  

Virtual Exams: Convenience, Security and Safety

Due to the uncertainty and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and our concerns for the health and safety of our candidates, proctors, and team members, we have decided to proceed with the 2021 exams in a virtual format. We are excited about this opportunity because it allows candidates to take the exam in any location so long as it complies with our technical requirements and exam rules.

What the FMI Virtual Exams Means for Candidates

  1. The exam will be securely administered within a virtual environment, with the same high standard of proctoring and exam integrity that apply to the FMI’s in-person exams
  2. The exam format will remain a hands-on, challenging test of your financial modeling proficiency, conducted within Excel. Access to external assistance or resources during the exam is strictly prohibited.
  3. Exam time: The exam writing time is 4 hours however please allow additional time before and after the exam for proctor check-in and check-out.
  4. The exam can be taken at your choice of location, provided that it complies with the exam rules and the minimum computer and internet speed requirements. Please see technology requirements below. 
  5. There will be a virtual check-in process. A proctor will verify your identity and inspect your exam environment to ensure that the integrity of the FMI’s closed-book exam is maintained
  6. Further details will be provided to registered candidates closer to exam date.

Before you register, please make sure that your computer and internet speeds meet the minimum requirements below. Please also ensure that you have secured a quiet, distraction-free location to write your exam. 


FMI Exam Technology Requirements

You will need:

  1. A working desktop or laptop computer
  2. Screen dimension capable of 1280×768 (minimum)
  3. Web camera (internal or external)
  4. Microphone (internal or external)
  5. Windows, Mac or Linux operating system
  6. High speed Internet connection
  7. A licensed version of Microsoft Excel 2010 or later
Registration for the April 2021 Exams is opening soon

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Register for Level 1: AFM

Register for Level 2: CFM

2021 Exams

Level 1: AFM

If you are new to the FMI and have never registered for an FMI exam, please click below.
If you have previously registered for an FMI exam, use your Candidate ID combined with the email address you registered with and click below.


Level 1: AFM – $600 USD

Saturday, April 24 2021
Saturday, July 31
Saturday, October 23


2021 Exams

Level 2: CFM

If you are new to the FMI and have never registered for an FMI exam, please click below.
If you have previously registered for an FMI exam, use your Candidate ID combined with the email address you registered with and click below.

Level 2: CFM – $600 USD

Saturday, April 24
Saturday, October 23



FMI's Examination Policies

Credit card payment is required during the exam registration process. If you are unable to do this, please contact us at info@fminstitute.com. Appropriate local tax rates may apply.
– Exam registration closes 15 days prior to each exam.
– Candidates are not permitted to transfer their exam registration to another candidate.

Discounts: (e.g. 40% student discount) Discounts can be applied to exam registrations only upon successful approval. Discounts cannot be applied to administration fees, re-write fees, re-write and review fees, or exam deferral fees.

Refunds: If a candidate wishes to cancel their registration they may do so as long as they request this more than 5 weeks before the exam date. The registration fee will be refunded less a $100 USD administration fee.

Deferrals:  the following Terms and Conditions apply:
– If notice is given more than 8 weeks prior to the exam, there is no administrative processing fee.
– If notice is given between 4 and 8 weeks, an administrative processing fee of $50 USD  will apply.
– If notice is given within 4 weeks of the exam, an administrative processing fee of $200 USD will apply.
– Deferral requests must be sent to info@fminstitute.com prior to the beginning of each respective exam.

The FMI is a Professional Body and it expects that all FMI Candidates and Certification Holders maintain high standards of personal and professional ethics and conduct. Therefore, all FMI Candidates and Certification Holders must abide by the FMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Following the release of exam results, candidates who did not pass but who would like to register for the “Re-Write and Review” option can schedule a 30-minute exam review call with one of the Grading Committee members. The purpose of the exam review call is to highlight areas to candidates where their exam submission fell short and to encourage continued development of their financial modeling skills.

The “Re-Write and Review” option is $250 USD and the exam review calls must be scheduled no later than 12 weeks following the release of results. A review call will not be scheduled until registration is completed. In the event that a candidate books a review call but fails to join the call or reschedule within 24 hours of the scheduled call, a $50 USD rescheduling fee will apply. Review calls are 30 minutes in length and cannot be extended, including in the instance a candidate is late for the call.

Future FMI Public Exam Dates

Saturday, April 24 – Level 1 AFM & Level 2 CFM

Saturday, July 31 – Level 1 AFM

Saturday, October 23 – Level 1 AFM & Level 2 CFM


Provide a copy of your Student ID for a 40% discount.
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