Professional Learning Credits

Did you know that it is possible to earn Professional Learning Credits for study and completion of the FMI exams?

We know that many candidates are members of professional associations that encourage or require continued professional learning and development. 

We know that the terminology used for Continuing Education credits may differ from one professional association to another.

We also know that preparing for the FMI accreditation involves a significant amount of a candidate’s time.

Whether you know it as “Continuing Education”, “Professional Development”, “Professional Learning”, “Hours”, “Credits” or “Units”, we created the list below in order to call attention to the professional associations who recognize the effort and learning involved in earning the FMI’s Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) or Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM) designations. 

The links and contact information have been provided below to make it easy for tracking your continuing education credits. If you are a member of a professional association that is not included in the list but you think should be, let us know at  

CFA Institute

Members can direct any questions or feedback to

Telephone: +1 (434) 951-5499

CFA Institute allows its members the ability to self-determine and self-report professional learning credits earned from external sources. CFA Institute members are encouraged to self-document such credits in their online PL tracker.

More details about the structure and guidelines for the current voluntary Professional Learning (PL) program can be found on the CFA Institute website below.

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