Celebrating Financial Modeling for Everyone

Financial Modeling and Financial Analysis are among the most highly-respected skills in the business world and job marketplace. From Banks, Accounting, Investment, Insurance and Business Decision-Making rely on complex analytical decisions everyday. From building a new real estate development, acquiring a company or valuing risk of a share -- financial modelers are the heart of every transaction and critical business decision. Education is key to ensuring the success of the industry.

Our Mission

To promote the awareness and discipline of financial modeling globally through world- class exams and accreditation programs.

Our Vision

Increased awareness and acumen of financial modeling professionals around the world.

Our Values

To seek to represent the interest of the global financial modeling community. We deliver with integrity, excellence and encourage leadership, collaboration and innovation among all candidates and members.

Three Financial Modeling Certifications

FMI administers official exams for three levels of financial modeling certifications -- each gradually increasing in complexity and sophistication of business decision making. Exams sittings are held in October and May each year and deliver real-life applications of financial modeling. There is no industry work experience pre-requisite for FMI exams.

Level 1

Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM)

(Typically 1-3 Years Experience)

Level 2

Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM)

(Typically 3-5 Years experience)

Level 3

Master Financial Modeler (MFM)

(Typically 5-15 Years experience)

Our Foundation

The FMI was established by The Marquee Group in collaboration with the Financial Modeling World Championships. The Marquee Group is a leading global provider of financial modeling training and consulting . Since 2012, the Financial Modeling World Championships is the world’s largest professional competition for Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis, Investment Analysis and Financial Modeling with a community of over 10,000 professionals and students. We recognized the skills shortage and the need for a universal, credible, accurate and high quality technical certification program for financial modeling. FMI collaborates with global experts and thought leaders in the field who are committed to promoting best practices, reducing risk and improving standardisation in the financial modeling profession. The FMI celebrates financial modelers across the world and our certification exams improve global skills in financial modeling.