Where can I use my new FMI Accreditation?
Where can I use my new FMI Accreditation?Category: AlumniWhere can I use my new FMI Accreditation?
patrick robert Staff asked 2 months ago
1 Answers
patrick robert Staff answered 2 months ago

You can use your designation in the following ways:

  • After your full name in written correspondence and/or as part of your email signature.
  • After your full name on business cards, letterheads and/or name plates.
  • As an identifier on resumés, curriculum vitaes, biographies, personal statements and/or published articles.
  • You will be optionally listed in the FMI Candidate Directory: a searchable registry and community of Accredited Financial Modelers.
  • Your digital badge can be used to validate your achievement in social media and other online mediums.
  • Your hard copy certificate can be proudly displayed in your office or home office.