Benefits & Advantages Investing in real-world skills and excellence

The FMI certification program has been designed to deliver a number of benefits and advantage for the financial modeling industry.


For Candidates

For Employers

Accelerate your career in finance by earning an internationally trusted certification in financial modeling.

Use a globally recognized benchmark to truly assess financial modeling capabilities at your firm.

Skill Validation

Demonstrate advanced financial modeling proficiency to employers and clients.

Risk Mitigation

Reduce operational and financial risk by hiring professionals who have demonstrated their ability in financial modeling to the highest standard.

Personal Development

Invest in yourself by earning certifications that are challenging and revered by the industry.

Talent Development

Use the FMI curriculum as a validated road map to guide the training and development of your staff in financial modeling.

Career Flexibility

Obtain a skillset that is globally relevant and respected across multiple lines of business.


Be a diversity and thought leader by connecting to the FMI global network of financial modeling professionals.


There are a number of unique advantages that set the FMI certification program apart from others in the industry.

  • In-Person Proctored Exams: The FMI operates physical testing centers around the world and requires candidates to attend proctored exams. This approach is in-line with many of the gold standard certifications in the finance industry such as the CFA®.
  • Global Standard: The FMI has always been focused on delivering an industry-wide certification with global recognition. Whether you take the exam in Doha or Dublin, London or Lagos, Singapore or Sydney, all FMI candidates are held to the same global standards to ensure they have a global passport to work around the world.
  • Demonstrated Excellence: Our rigorous curriculum and exams ensure that candidates aren’t merely competent in some areas of financial modeling, but have demonstrated a level of excellence across a wide range of skills necessary to construct robust financial models.
  • Exam Format: FMI exams are computer based where candidates are required to build models and directly demonstrate their knowledge. This is a significantly more rigorous way of assessing candidate skills compared to the use of Multiple Choice Questions.  
  • Industry Inclusiveness: The FMI is built on a philosophy of industry-level collaboration and partnership. This is exemplified in a number of areas, particularly the broad representation of the FMI Advisory Council and the Approved Training Provider (ATP) program. The global network of ATP partners allows the financial modeling industry to drive training and development allowing the FMI to focus on creating a world class certification program.  


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