Approved Training Provider (ATP) An overview of the FMI ATP program

The Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) acknowledges candidates undertaking the FMI certification levels often seek further training to support their exam preparation. The FMI partners with several Approved Training Providers to assist Candidates seeking additional training and knowledge.

Approved Training Provider (ATP) Overview

• Must demonstrate the ability to provide high quality financial modeling training and/or training material;
• Must nominate an Experienced Employee with deep financial modeling skills; and
• Agrees to provide training and learning materials in the best interests of FMI Candidates.

Application process for an ATP

The process to be recognised as an FMI Approved Training Provider is as follows:

Step 1:
Apply via the application form on the FMI website (see below);
Step 2:
The FMI will review the Training Provider’s application request and supporting information to assess its suitability in providing preparatory training or learning materials for specific FMI Certification Exams (i.e. Level 1,2 and/or 3);
Step 3:
The FMI will notify the Training Provider of the outcome; and
Step 4:
The ATP will be published on the FMI Approved Training Provider directory.

Nominated Experienced Employee Overview

A Nominated Experienced Employee:
• Is an employee of the ATP with deep capability in the field of Financial Modelling;
• Will ensure all FMI training or preparatory material produced by the ATP meet FMI’s high standard; and
• Is familiar with the FMI Body of Knowledge (BoK) and Exam requirements and can ensure training material is relevant and aligns with the BoK.
• Has successfully completed the Level 1 AFM exam.

Term & Cancellation

• The FMI will undertake periodic reviews of ATP’s as appropriate; and
• There are no fees associated with becoming an ATP.


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